Uni(ted States)lateral Action

Donald Trump has suggested that he now believes the United States should begin unilateral action, not only against North Korea but possibly against Bashar Al Assad following more despicable chemical attacks in Syria. What we are beginning to see are nations acting in self interest. Russia in Ukraine may be one example.

Trump today said that the chemical attack in Syria crossed “many lines” in response to a reporters question which had a reference to Obama’s red line in 2013. He failed to offer any real details on the possible unilateral action the United States would take but his comments have set the US up in such a way that action is now required and expected.

The conflict in Syria will never end unless someone steps in and finds a way to bring it to an end. Civilian deaths should no longer be accepted and safe zones should now be established and protected with no fly zones. Full access given to the United Nations to give the necessary care to the population. A ceasefire should be implemented with areas of influence remaining for a short time until dialogue can be agreed by those involved. The removal of Assad and the establishment of a cooperation council which should include Assad forces and the moderate opposition but not limited to them. An end to the blood shed should be priority number 1 from today. Too many have suffered and a stable middle east is in the interest of everyone.


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What we have allowed to happen to Aleppo is a disgrace and we all should be ashamed. We have facilitated the destruction of a an enitre country, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including women and children. We have allowed war crimes to go on unchallenged and yet, it continues. It needs to end now.

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Well it’s been a long time since my last update.

The work below is from my current work at college. I started by reading about the Syrian conflict and the lack of material in the the newspapers here in Ireland. I began by looking to build a structure to display the articles I found in relation Syria and the refugees. I looked at structures in Syria so that the structure I build has some relation to the place I want to talk about.

Below is a Syrian Beehive house.


With this structure, I began to try and create my own. Rather than just just build a similar one I decided to use the news articles as the building material. Below is a trial and error version of a beehive home built from newspaper.

File_000 (1).jpeg

I used basic garden rope to hang the structure and create a frame for which I could build on. After this, I began to look at other structures from an origami book (the use of paper lead me here). The tent structure was the easiest way to go so I began with an actual tent, this was a little too obvious and far from my starting point. With this in mind, I pealed back the tent to reveal its basic frame. (See below)


As you can see, I used washing line rope (blue rope) to hold the tent sticks together and give that tension required to bend the bars into the shape. I then used cable ties to hold the rope in place where it crosses itself.


I used these materials becomes of their softness and minimalist look. I then took the newspaper and lay it on the ground in a formation (5,4,3,2) this created a triangle shape that was wide enough to cover the bottom and top of one side of the tent. It took 3 triangle formations to cover the entire tent shape.

I then painted the tent black so i could project a count up clock on the back and a projection of jumbled words on the left.




Left side


While projecting on this side (left side) i created a rainbow effect over the shadow of the tent and on the floor, this worked out really well and was very captivating, the rainbow was a symbol of something better, something less dark the tent and what the articles represented.

The projection on the back of the structure was a cunt-up clock, it started at 000,000 and counted up to 432,164, this was the number of refugees that entered Europe in 2013, the clock took 90 minutes to count up and was on loop.

(Back projection image to be uploaded)

More images of the structure internally, showcasing useless and uninformative “news”.


I am still working on this work, leading up to my degree show in June, this was part of the “unseen” exhibition, NCAD third year interim exhibition.

Death Toll in Syria.

Below are sketches and write ups of how I would represent the Syrian death toll.

this is a college art project, I understand how sensitive this is and this is why I want to bring attention to it.

Even if only to the college I attend.

The death toll has surpassed 100,000, including over 4000 women and over 6000 children.

Images may be hard to see.

















Up Rising

So there is the Arab spring which brought considerable change in places like libya, Egypt, Tunisia and is ongoing in Syria and other countries in the east.

This has been so because the people finally said ‘enough is enough’. They took to the streets when it was dangers to do so because they knew that this was more than just self sacrifice it was about much more than that.

The lesson people around the world should take from this is: the most powerful thing is millions of people not calling for change but taking action to make sure it happens.

Greece was once a strong nation with strong people who thought the world but now it seems they have been pushed to ground and are asking for a hand to help them rise. Well I say if Greece wants to rise from the cauldron of financial burden, foreign interference then they need to take to the streets again! To get what they want.

The same applies to All nations around the world for who’s society in stuck in reverse and people are suffering but yet this is unknown to those implementing austerity and are unaffected by it.

The Irish people were known to a rebellious bunch of people and usually we were the torn in someone’s side but give us some money and we’ll quickly turn into a bunch materialistic. Individual passive people.


Here you will find a list of days when Ireland rebelled against what it thought as not right for the Irish, 1534 1569–73, 1579–83, 1594–1603, 1641, 1642–52, 1798, 1799–1803, 1800, 1803, 1804, 1848, 1866–71, 1867, 1867-1885, 1882–83 and of course 1916

These dates are in the past but we cannot forget them because of all those people who fought and died in the name of Ireland and to allow there families to live in Ireland.

All of our political parties have come from these times with those values of people power and doing things in the interest of Irish people yet none of then represent our needs in today’s society or our needs in Europe. I have said it before and I’ll say it again.


James Connolly especially must be continuously turning in his grave to find Ireland’s labour party has become not a workers party but I right wing party which oppresses people and frowns upon protests and people power.

I just hope that people Ireland open their eyes and finally realise what they are living in is a mess where people are treated like working ants and have no say in this “democracy”.

“Stand up and shout as loud as you can, someone will listen”

What the world sees as a priority

If you are like me And sometimes wonder why certain things happen, what the UN Security council is about and what’s more important in the eyes of governments all over the world well you Dont need to think hard because its happening right in front of your eyes.

The worlds powers do not hesitate to save banks in Europe while the people carry the burden of reckless greed, society is reshaped to lower wages of workers to suit the cost of business but when it comes to intervening in Syria they have no action. This is because each country has their own interests and will act according to them and not in the interests of those who are actually struggling.
The US calls Russia and China disgusting for their veto of a resolution but yet they seem to forget it was the US and Britain who ignored the council when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is the world we live in and I must say its not one which gives me pride or happiness.