I aspire to,


What do we want to aspire to?

Greatness ? If so what is greatness? We are told of people who are great and to pray to be like them but they can be terrorists, greedy people who benefit from others pain. I also understand they can be humanitarians, good hearted people who give everything to a good cause.

I, like many others, do not want to be like everyone else. I thrive to be unique to find my greatness that will propel me to the top.

It can actually be sad to think I could travel through my life time and be unknown, have no impact on life be it my own or the life of others.

I aspire to be smart, to help others, to be seen and to be revered. It may sound like I want a lot but I don’t want it, I am willing to work for it.

Life leaves you at the bottom of a barrel as a challenge, to see of you can and are willing to get out.


Society and Youth

It isn’t the Youth of today that is the problem, it is those who wish to control them and make them act and behave in a way that is said to be ‘socially acceptable’ but then you must ask, it being the year 2011 are the expectations that one puts on society a reflection on the results in which we know that we will get. Life has changed dramatically, therefor we and what is or was acceptable must change.
We all have that rough and usually agreeable idea on what is acceptable, around respect and dignity and so on but the other things are debatable.

We have allowed the creation of an individualistic and materialistic society where people have no or little concern for others around the world. They care about bonuses. cars, houses and so on. They care about the wrong things or what would be described as morally unacceptable.

Since the global downturn of 2008 a vast majority of people have changed their perspective but those who can actually create major change and soon have not.

By Jonathan Myers.

Life, The end and all things in the middle.

Life, really what is it all about? Are we supposed to do what everyone else does? Like go to school until we are 17 then go to college for 4 years followed by working until you can retire? And even then? When you retire what do you do?

It seems evolution as we knew it has been halted by no other than ‘US’. We don’t seem to be pushing the boundaries of life living. We like routine, should we all not aim to be that person on the top of life? Society? Work? Etc It seems with the average length of life been in the 70’s we just don’t do enough.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”

I’ll admit many individuals do enough for themselves but not enough for others.

Some people are not even given the chance to live what we understand to be a ‘life’. As I write this there is a famine in the horn of Africa, thousands of deaths a year due to unnecessary war and Violence, Thousands of deaths by curable diseases and illnesses. Is this what we now call life ?

Yes life has positives of course but why focus on them if they (people or situations) are doing well. Sort out the inhumane situations, Take every individual out of poverty and then we can give ourselves a tap on the back but until then,