Sowed Seeds

Trump triumphs, brexit rolls on and all things in the middle are questioned. With Trump’s win in the USA, on the back of a campaign inspired by hate and division but powered bytrump the simple need of jobs, of an income, trumped the ideals of the left. The working class were left behind, that’s a fact, not only in the USA but across the globe. As society progressed on through the 80’s and the middle classes increased, people and politicians no longer had to worry about poverty or low income, they could then turn their focus on how they lived. Human rights, work life balance, yoga, new cars and other technologies.

As we entered the era of making ‘money from money’ things became a lot riskier. As the globe became interconnected through the financial markets (globalisation) what happened on one side of the word now affected the other side of the world.

The crash of 2008 shrunk the middle class, people were now less well off, in debt, behind on mortgage payments and with no disposable income for luxury good or vacations to distract them from the world’s woes, people were now forced to become politically aware and politically engaged.

Over the past 8 years of recession, with slow change and a loss of confidence in the financial policies of the neoliberals, a loss of confidence in the well established politicians and now the media, people have begun to revolt. As mentioned above, Donald Trump won the USA Presidential election and Britain have voted to separate from the European Union. Left wing and right wing parties have gained significant ground. Duterte in the Philippines, openly confessed to killing people has been pushing a new war on drugs with thousands dead in three months, killed by the police, killed by other gangs and vigilantes. Marion-Le Pen, a far right politician in France, presidential hopeful for 2017. Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain which has
transformed the Spanish political scene. fractured-eu

Whats next for 2017? will Europe begin to separate?
will France elect a far right President?
how about war in the South China Sea or in Eastern Europe with the build up of NATO forces in Poland. All I know is that some bad seeds have been sowed and what grows wont be good for anyone.

€uro-ut of Pocket

Got asked a very good question today. The question was ‘Am I rich? No definition of rich was given.

I answered or at least attempted. I said I was rich, not financially but with experience, relations with people all over the world.

I said that I’ve got more connections with people than I do euros in my pocket and I had a fair few euros. . Not that I need more euros but things could be easier and I could do more personally and Professionally.

Im rich with the culture I’ve experienced, good and bad. It has added and moulded to who I am today and it will continue to do so into the future.

So. . . The question remains for you to answer or at least ponder.

Are you rich?

Rugby, Passion and Pride

Rugby, Possibly the best sport in the World, So carlsberg would say but i say it is the greatest sport in the world. It brings together, passion, pride, determination and history. All that brings me back to 2009 when Ireland finally won the grand slam after 61 years.

When they won the Grand Slam it wasn’t only a win it was much more than that, at the time Ireland was in a recession since 2008 there were cutbacks, job loses and families were been ever so oppressed.

The six nations had started with a great win over France which had set peoples expectations for a grand slam. Irish Rugby continued on with wins over Italy, England then Scotland. It came down to an away match in Cardiff to Wales. Thousands of Irish traveled to the game but every one who called themselves Irish on that day where fully behind the team. Both teams were undefeated but one team wanted it, one Country and people needed it more than the other. That team was Ireland. No longer where we the underdogs of Rugby we had risen to the top after seven years of near misses and triple crowns Ireland had done it. “FINALLY THE GRAND SLAM

Ireland’s welcome home from Italia 90

This win brought together the peoples of Ireland with great pride in the national team just like Italia 90.

When it comes to ground roots rugby there is no better type of rugby, It offers a great feeling of warmness, togetherness and most of all a great sense of belonging and pride. Whether that’s winning a cup as a team and celebrating together, A casino night to fund a club gym or a rainy nights training leading up to a tough game on the weekend. All of this is what makes it fun and enjoyable to play club rugby.

Club rugby is a sport where you put so much trust in the guy standing beside you, to make that tackle, to ruck that ball, to catch, to run and to put him/herself in the firing line for the crest and fellow team mate. It takes so little to be part of so much and with so many.