Save the people not the monetary system

As someone who values a life more than money I really don’t understand fully why things are the way they are…. I have this belief that if we put the welfare of all people first we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.


Savin a private company, investment or investor may seem like the logical thing but saving people from poverty, homelessness, inequality and sometimes from their own decisions is the most morale thing and in my view the most logical.



In a decade or two from now we will look back and laugh, saying to ourselves ‘what the hell! were we thinking? We drove millions into unemployment, pushed millions into poverty, manipulated our so called democracy all in the name of a capitalist system that does not, has not and will never work for the people’.

We really do need a new system in place over the one we have now.

Power for the people, from the people


Yes or Else!

We are now a country of scare mongrels where the truth doesn’t get the answer we want. The current government, more than once has tried to scare people into submission. It may have worked for Lisbon BUT NO MORE! We will not be scared into voting YES or NO. we will vote whatever we see fit for Ireland based on the facts provided.

I personally find it very undemocratic when my own government try to scare me into voting YES or face a tougher budget. This is a treaty for Europe.


It is not for the Irish people. And I don’t believe the government should be telling citizens that a yes vote will bring jobs and sustainability when clearly they haven’t been able to stick to their election promises so this will be no different.

Prioritising capitalism

I just read that there is over 700,000 people in Ireland who are in poverty. As a percentage that is close to 16% of the population of Ireland.

It also says for someone to be above the line of poverty they must have a weekly income of €207, Even though the weekly rate for unemployed people is around €186. So what that says is that our own government have put in measures that push people and families into poverty. A government that is still paid handsomely with expenses and other benefits.

I find it upsetting that this is the way, we should not accept this as our fellow citizens, men, women and even children go without food, warmth, clothing and many other things. On the back of a bailout that has cost this country tens of billions of euros.

For something to be worth saving in this country it better be money because we put no value on life.

€uro-ut of Pocket

Got asked a very good question today. The question was ‘Am I rich? No definition of rich was given.

I answered or at least attempted. I said I was rich, not financially but with experience, relations with people all over the world.

I said that I’ve got more connections with people than I do euros in my pocket and I had a fair few euros. . Not that I need more euros but things could be easier and I could do more personally and Professionally.

Im rich with the culture I’ve experienced, good and bad. It has added and moulded to who I am today and it will continue to do so into the future.

So. . . The question remains for you to answer or at least ponder.

Are you rich?

What the world sees as a priority

If you are like me And sometimes wonder why certain things happen, what the UN Security council is about and what’s more important in the eyes of governments all over the world well you Dont need to think hard because its happening right in front of your eyes.

The worlds powers do not hesitate to save banks in Europe while the people carry the burden of reckless greed, society is reshaped to lower wages of workers to suit the cost of business but when it comes to intervening in Syria they have no action. This is because each country has their own interests and will act according to them and not in the interests of those who are actually struggling.
The US calls Russia and China disgusting for their veto of a resolution but yet they seem to forget it was the US and Britain who ignored the council when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is the world we live in and I must say its not one which gives me pride or happiness.

Enda Kenny – Pleaser of all Bureaucracies

Last week While Enda Kenny was at the World Economic Forum in Davos he made remarks that upset the nation or at least those who care. 

His comments were ‘The country’s financial crisis happened because “people went mad borrowing”.

I’m not going to do what all media have done and compare and contrast those comments with his address to the nation before December’s budget but I will comment on why I think he done it and how he has failed to stand up for Irish people who are having a personal crisis with over 450,000 people unemployed, no jobs creation plan, the slashing of public sector jobs which will cripple our already under stress services (Health, Education) large emigration and the belief people emigrate as a lifestyle choice and not our of necessity.

I believe Enda Kenny made those comments to please his Audience and/or those listening in i.e. ECB/IMF. He seems to have a different comment for the same situation depending on who his audience is. This is unacceptable, The reason for this mess we are in should be made known and accepted by all.

“What happens when you put Builders, Bankers, Developers and Politicians into the one pot? you get a financial crises”.

Enda Kenny is not a leader, he is a glorified cleaner who is using a rake to clean the floor, Scrapping up every last piece.

The anger of the people should be heard and seeing. Eamon Dunphy was Right when he said on the Late Late  Show that if he was a twenty-one year old lad he would leave this ‘dump’. It is a Dump, the future is there but it is bleak for a 21-year-old lad and even for children and older people.

How can we be proud of what we have ?

We don’t have a sovereign state we have a supervised nation where we recommend things but at the end of the day it is external, non-elected people who decide for us. This is not what I want and I’m sure it’s not what the men and women of 1916 wanted.


Capitalmas – The hijacking of holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, a time to give or a time for family to gather you have probably noticed that it has been hi-jacked by capitalism.

The Christmas holidays no longer have a common value, it is all about buying, giving and the receiving of materialistic items. A time when people over spend, go into debt and consume consume consume, All in the name of religion or true values.

I am not a religious person by any means but I am one who thinks that Christmas should be a time for family, reflection and relaxation.

We need to stop the commercialization of holidays. If we continue the way we are then we are giving capitalism a reason and the means to survive why we leave people without any means of survival.

The commercialization of the holidays started from the birth of Jesus when the three kings brought gifts. The three kings must be the creators of true commercialization.

Celebrate that which should be celebrated.

J Myers