Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

2016 was the year of two major events, one in Britain and the other in The United States. In Britain, just over 50 percent of voters, in a referendum, voted in favour of leaving the European Union. The Vote Leave camp used lies and fear as a tool to persuade people to their side, garnering huge media coverage with their divisive slogans and characters. In the Remain camp, they lacked the campaign, slogans and characters to rally the public to their side and keep Britain part of the biggest success story in Europe.

On the other side of the pond, in the United States, a moron was elected to the office of President. I use the word moron simply because it is the best word to describe Donald Trump. Donald Trump lacks all the capabilities, knowledge, temperament…. basically, Trump is a child. During the 2016 election, Trump lost the popular vote but thankfully (sarcasm) The United States has a system in which the popular vote means nothing and therefor Trump won the election because he won enough states which had the most electoral colleges. and reached the magic 270.

Europe has been rocked and soon enough we will know if a deal is agreed in the House of Commons (British Parliament) as we await Theresa May to put the Brexit Agreement to vote, a vote which Mrs May pulled in December as she did not have enough support, within her own party or in Parliament to win. Britain will crash out of Europe on March 29th if a deal is not reached. A no deal scenario could be bad news for the European and Global economies and even worst news for the Island of Ireland as a possible hard border could be enacted, in breach of the good Friday agreement, an agreement which brought peace to the island following decades of the violence known as The Troubles.

Trump has imposed tariffs on China and other goods form other nations, pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, rescinded on the Iran Nuclear Deal (The JCPOA) and continues to fire staff while also being under the spotlight of special Counsel Robert Mueller for collusion with Russia in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Trump and the Republican Party continue to undo much of what Barack Obama spent his 2 terms implementing. The only thing the Republicans stand for is nominating a sexual predator to the Supreme Court and undoing Obama policies, other than that, they have become the self serving party. On the other hand, the Democrats in Disarray, are trying to understand themselves and what the heck they represent. The Democrats, like Labour in the UK are divided between the new era or left wing politics as a challenge to the far right and the old centre ground politics that Clinton and Blair represented. The sooner the Democrats get their house in order can they only then be effective in the House of Representatives.

2019 will be a year in which the pendulum swings back, how far? only time will tell. The fight against nationalism and far right extremism is building as the resurgence of a united Liberal front is taking place around the globe.

By Jonathan Myers.