The Push to Establish. 


It’s near the end of September and I think this will be a good time to update you on where I’m at. I have just begun my postgraduate studies in the University College Dublin at The Clinton Institute in American politics and foreign policy. It is an unbelievably fascinating course, especially the classes on which I learn about the foundation of American political tradition and the foundation of American foreign policy. It gives me a much better understanding of the American psyche and why you always hear about American exceptionalism.

As it is September, that means I’m back coaching rugby. It just kicked off and we have played two games, one was a cup and the other was a league game. We have lost both games, although we have greatly improved game after game. We have narrowed our losing margin and improved our overall team performance an

d individual player development which is always a great thing. We are going into our second league game this weekend against an old rival and we hope that we can get together this week and put in a good win and propel ourselves up to the top of the league. We know that the months ahead will get dark, cold and wet and these are the tough months, they require a certain type of commitment and without that commitment these months can easily become the worst months of the season. If we can fight through these months with a number of wins, it will set us up very well for the new year.

Other updates…

Book 1 – I\m Just about to begin reading ‘George C Herring: from colony to superpower’ it’s a required reading for my studies.

Book 2 – Noam Chomsky, Imperial Ambitions Which I have being reading on and off over the summer.

Thanks for reading, liking and sharing. I’ll try follow up with a mid October post.

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