My way, BA, MA.

Latest update…..

As off May the 31st, my final year in the National College of Art and Design has all come down to this final year assessment. As the new 3rd year degree class, we the 3rd years have been assessed and now we all await for our results which are expected some time after the 17th of June.

I have been studying fine art for the past 3 years and I have recently accepted a conditional offer to study an MA in American Politics and Foreign Policy. The two things that have interested in me while growing up were art and politics. The likes of Alfredo Jaar would be a huge influence on me and how he represented the Rwandan Genocide. In terms of politics,  It wasn’t specifically american politics that I was interested in but then the US lead invasion of Iraq woke me up to international politics. I came across people like Noam Chomsly, Norman Finklestein, Robert Fisk and others. When I read books from these people I use them to widen my view and understanding of the world.

It is because of all of this that I have chosen art and now politics as a path to follow as I believe they both benefit one another. Political art, political commentary, visual representations of theory and visual representations of current events has and is a good way to engage people from all sectors of society.

As my results come out and other things develop, I will continue to update.

Thanks for reading.

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