What to do after college …

following on from the last post. Here’s the latest…

Donald Trump has taken many steps forward to becoming the republican nomination for the general election. How on earth can people vote for this racist, scaremongering polarizing a**hole who speaks in general terms and without facts. Americans need to get behind Sanders. If Trump had his way he’d start a civil war in the U.S.

In other news, college is moving along and getting ever closer to the May deadline. I still have some questions to answer for myself in terms of my work and it’s purpose. With that, I met the careers advisor in the college who offered some advice and made aware post graduation offers to me. This is were I get lost, I can’t decide if I should apply to do a MA course and if I do, what MA curse will I apply to??? I also have a possible option to apply to go on the European Voluntary Service (EVS) which would mean spending a year volunteering abroad. The other two options on my plate at the moment is to try get an internship in the sector I like to see if that’s where I want to go and that could help me decide what MA course to study. The last option is to graduate and apply for a job, whatever job is available I suppose. I’d like to continue coaching rugby and develop my training and knowledge in that area so the options above will impact that.

So yes, a lot of option available and yet zero decisions made so far.


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