I’m now a Rugby Coach.

I began to coach a rugby team in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been doing it since July 2015, when we began pre-season (mostly fitness and circuit training). It is the most rewarding and most stressful thing I’ve done.

I’ve learned to plan productive training sessions and pregame warm ups. The toughest thing is team selection. Who starts the game? who do you sub off and sub on? who misses out altogether? I’ve learned that subbing people on or off for the sake of it is stupid rugby. It is probably only necessary when you are losing by a lot or winning by a lot. I make substitutions based on who is tired, who’s under performing or having a bad day or maybe the player on the bench has something different that he can bring to the game and the player coming off just doesn’t.

The toughest thing to deal with as a coach is trying to get players and club members to buy into the team, its philosophy and the family that is created from that. How does one increase player commitment ? is that possible for a coach to do ? Is it ‘build it and they shall come’ thinking? how do you get players and members to physically and emotionally invest in a team so that they commit the necessary time, where losing a game hurts and winning a game is the single greatest thing in that moment.

I’ve more questions than answers at this point but as I continue to coach I continue to learn and understand, not only the game that is rugby but also I get an understanding of player thinking, their situation in life and how the club can fit into that and also help it when it can.

My plan is to update this blog weekly on our progress,

Thanks for reading.

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