Current Workout Plan

Back – (Tu) Weighted Pull-ups, (F)Bent over row
Biceps – (M) Weighted Chin-ups, (Th) curls
Calves – (M) Dumbbell Calf Raises, (Th) Barbell Calf Raises,
(Th) Seated Calf Raises
Chest – (Tu) Weighted Chest Dip, (F) Bench Press
Hamstrings – (Tu) Leg Curls, (F) Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Quadriceps – (Tu) Barbell Squats , (F) Barbell Lunges
Shoulders – (M) Barbell Military Press, (Th) Front Raises,
(M) (Th) Lateral Dumbbell Raise, (Th) Rear Delt Row
Traps – (Tu) (F) Barbell Shrugs
Triceps , (M) Close grip bench press, (Th) Standing Barbell Tricep Extension

Sets/Reps = 5 Reps/5 Sets
Split over 4 days
Rest ~ 90 seconds between sets.
~ 3 minutes between exercises.

(M) Monday , (Tu) Tuesday, (Th) Thursday, (F) Friday

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