Information and responsibility.

I remember spending 3 weeks in France learning about globalisation and many things associated with that. Homes being destroyed, land being taken, families being separated, workers being under paid and many many more things. I then continued to read and become interested and concerned with similar things from around the world. After all if this you have to ask yourself a question!

Was and is it worth knowing all of this ? Has this information made my life a bit more miserable?

My answer is, as of now no it’s not worth knowing and yes it has made my life a bit more miserable.

All I have felt since is more sadness when I come across these stories. I feel, the changes that are needed in the world to help everyone that needs it, the change needs to be monumental and can only be lead from those in positions of power, corporate and political power.

The only problem with this is that those in them positions are useless and short sighted. Either working for political popularity or working towards a larger profit margin.

We can only hope that by the time the world decides to change it won’t be too late!….

Jonathan Myers.

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