College project – Hunger

The other day on tv during a commercial break, a concern campaign came on.

The campaign mentioned that 19,000 people die each day from hunger. So I decided to look that up because I felt it was a staggering amount of deaths. I searched it and United Nations facts came up, the facts read that 21,000 people die everyday from hunger or hunger related causes. One person every 4 seconds.

This was it, I then felt an urge to do something, so I decided that my next project should be based on these statistics.

My current thoughts are these, a looping video, a three-Dimensional piece – maybe a pile of wrappers from sweets, sweets that i will eat in four seconds and those sweets I don’t finish in four seconds could be spat out to create a pie of wasted food to show that have more than enough to share and feed the entire population.


I’ll keep eveyone posted on updates and potential work.


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