The longest has been the one between, putting food on the table and working for your dreams. It is a battle that so many in our society must face. When you take the time to look at this issue you’ll notice that it is a generational issue. If you mother or father work a low paid job and had not attended college then you are very likely to follow their steps.

To be put into a situation were one must work hard for a low pay year on year is a cleared indictment of how those who have had chances to help change it have failed dramatically.

People should not have to choose low paid work ‘just because’.

It is those failures that keep this class system continuously moving with the times.

It is not essential to have a forgotten class, a working class, a middle class and of course our ever so vital ‘elite’.

Things must change, the longer we wait to act the less likely they are to change.

We’re already generations too late.