The value of Art

I value art not in a monetary sense but rather in a social justice sense. Art is a very powerful tool that can be used to change society. It provides a platform that allows ordinary people to challenge institutions be them justice, education or even the entire political system without the title of ‘expert’ which is been throwing around nowadays.

With the gap between rich and poor widening, college fees rising and the overall cost of living increasing the opportunities for all to attend college is quickly disappearing. Those from oppressed communities will find it very difficult to access art college in the future thus creating a middle and upper class art community. People do not want this, we want art, art colleges and it’s institutions to be available and accessible to all be them rich or poor. Art can only thrive when creativity is encouraged at home, in school,  in all communities across Ireland and valued by government when it comes to budget allocations for the art and the community sector. The community sector  is a strong advocate for creativity and using it as a tool of expression.

We don’t want a future of just financial institutions, suits and politicians. We want one where a different way of thinking is cherished, where children and their imaginations are valued and where all are free to express in what ever way they see fit.

Art is much more than price tags, auctions and the odd mention in an art journal.

Encourage, create, imagine and express.


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