How do you know if the media are showing true, important and factual stories? Who does what’s important and by what standards do we base them on ? I think most of what is reported in the media nowadays is worded, reported, showing and timed in a way to force a view upon its audience. I believe we are not giving information but a view and I believe that is wrong. We have been taken as idiots. We need to start showing our own view, reporting our own stories, giving information to the rest of the world that can help them decide, not persuade them to one side.

It’s about time we use all of this technology, social sites and so on to our benefit and the benefit of the good of the people. No longer should we have to listen to the dribble from the modern media. Just like the televised debate where no facts are shown just useless bull from someone who should never be allowed to run for any office, hold any power and be able to share their opinion.

Start producing, start informing and start a revolution.