I have come to notice that elections are not about policies, stance or the person running. It’s about whether you can be a good orator or not. From the time Obama got into office in the US he talked about “change” as if he was going to turn to the US upside for the people. It turned out not, he just knew that if he told the people what they wanted to hear then he would get their vote, it didn’t mean he had to do what he said.

This is politics at its finest, Lies for a vote. I remember Obama’s president-elect speech were he said “nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change” I took this as advice. He was telling the American people who if they want change they much stand together as a people and call for it, demand it.

If you alone ask for change your words will be unheard.

You’ve got to remember, without a people there is no economy, no country and no politicians. The people are the centre cog that makes everything work, that is why we must be listened to And things should be done in a way that benefit the people! Not just business or just one or few people but the masses. by asking for change, we need a change in people because that will only change the system. The system cannot be changed by those who have sat over it for the past years. Demand what is yours and make your representative listen, after all he/she is a REPRESENTATIVE, representing you not themselves.

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