What do we want to aspire to?

Greatness ? If so what is greatness? We are told of people who are great and to pray to be like them but they can be terrorists, greedy people who benefit from others pain. I also understand they can be humanitarians, good hearted people who give everything to a good cause.

I, like many others, do not want to be like everyone else. I thrive to be unique to find my greatness that will propel me to the top.

It can actually be sad to think I could travel through my life time and be unknown, have no impact on life be it my own or the life of others.

I aspire to be smart, to help others, to be seen and to be revered. It may sound like I want a lot but I don’t want it, I am willing to work for it.

Life leaves you at the bottom of a barrel as a challenge, to see of you can and are willing to get out.