Putting it into context

In life we don’t seem to realise how important context is. As we walk down the street each and everyday, to work, college and so on we make judgements based on what we see, be them people or places. We see a homeless person on the street and some people would show sympathy towards this person maybe because they know someone in this situation or maybe it’s to do with that old phrase ‘treat those in a way you would like to be treated’. I do not take that from any religious excerpts but from a morale standing.

Then there are those people who really couldn’t care and blame the individual for their situation. Not acknowledging the context that put them into that situation. I understand that judgments can be positive and negative but it should be a simple principle where people must see beyond the image that is in front of their eyes and read the background story.

Like any image, it could seem like a beautiful scenic Image but when in context the image could be from a private company taking photographic surveillance of an area to build a plant, mine for natural resources or even to build a home. If you see a photo of somewhere like glendalough on its own, outside of it’s context to why it was taken you would just assume a lovely place with fantastic views, nature and so on but then if you read that it was taken by someone like a BP (British petroleum) then your view and judgement would change. You would assume they are drilling, in turn destroying the land and the animals that live there.


How something so beautifully can be taken by people with bad motives.

Context matters so read more than what you see.

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