Midnight hits and my brain starts to tick.
One thought, two thought, three thoughts too many.
Contemplate this, contemplate that, lying so still ultimately flat.
From sunset to sunrise so many questions with no surprise.
Same-o, same-o compromise.

A car alarm rings through the night with barking dogs and blinding lights.
Drunkards singing to the stars with aul one’s screaming ‘come on you fart’.
Still I contemplate these very things, with no new answers but a sudden ring.
Private number no name in sight, breathing down the phone gives me a sudden fright.

Off the phone goes and the rain begins
It seems this night has more to bring.
Thoughts, cars and blinding lights, scary phone calls and sudden frights.

An alarm rings once again
To my surprise it’s after 10.
Another nights sleep thanks to the noise
It’s my thoughts that keep me awake, not a surprise.

By Jonathan Myers