Up Rising

So there is the Arab spring which brought considerable change in places like libya, Egypt, Tunisia and is ongoing in Syria and other countries in the east.

This has been so because the people finally said ‘enough is enough’. They took to the streets when it was dangers to do so because they knew that this was more than just self sacrifice it was about much more than that.

The lesson people around the world should take from this is: the most powerful thing is millions of people not calling for change but taking action to make sure it happens.

Greece was once a strong nation with strong people who thought the world but now it seems they have been pushed to ground and are asking for a hand to help them rise. Well I say if Greece wants to rise from the cauldron of financial burden, foreign interference then they need to take to the streets again! To get what they want.

The same applies to All nations around the world for who’s society in stuck in reverse and people are suffering but yet this is unknown to those implementing austerity and are unaffected by it.

The Irish people were known to a rebellious bunch of people and usually we were the torn in someone’s side but give us some money and we’ll quickly turn into a bunch materialistic. Individual passive people.


Here you will find a list of days when Ireland rebelled against what it thought as not right for the Irish, 1534 1569–73, 1579–83, 1594–1603, 1641, 1642–52, 1798, 1799–1803, 1800, 1803, 1804, 1848, 1866–71, 1867, 1867-1885, 1882–83 and of course 1916

These dates are in the past but we cannot forget them because of all those people who fought and died in the name of Ireland and to allow there families to live in Ireland.

All of our political parties have come from these times with those values of people power and doing things in the interest of Irish people yet none of then represent our needs in today’s society or our needs in Europe. I have said it before and I’ll say it again.


James Connolly especially must be continuously turning in his grave to find Ireland’s labour party has become not a workers party but I right wing party which oppresses people and frowns upon protests and people power.

I just hope that people Ireland open their eyes and finally realise what they are living in is a mess where people are treated like working ants and have no say in this “democracy”.

“Stand up and shout as loud as you can, someone will listen”

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