The power of 0.5

Forthcoming Irish Referendum could be ‘do we (Irish citizens) want to stay part of the European Process ?

If we vote no! will we be asked again ? Image

If we vote yes! will we be asked again ? I surely doubt it. I remember the referendum on the Lisbon treaty and how Irish people said NO! but yet the government asked the question again to achieve the answer they were seeking. They! the government ignored the democratic process and the vote of the people of Ireland to satisfy Europe.

It is extraordinary how such a small population (0.5% of the whole of Europe) can have such an effect on Europe if only when it comes to referendums.

In my opinion we should be asked ‘Do we accept the fiscal treaty and all that comes with it ? obviously not in those words but it should not be bigger or smaller than that.

I feel and see as this financial crisis continues, that which we say we fight for ‘democracy’ is been ripped apart in the name of bond holders. I a citizen of the world and a supporter and believer in equality and justice does not approve of the actions taken by governments around the world and urge those in positions of power and influence to stand for that which is morally correct and not for banks or the minority that are destroying society.

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