Land, ho!

Packed their bags on their way
to a land far from Dublin’s bay.

Where the sun shines and jobs galore, they once again flocked ashore

Leaving behind what means most
to seek a future and some hope.

Failure of some drove them far, a son, a daughter and even a grand pa.

Many friends they will make, many jobs they will take,but one day they’ll return, to this place which hasn’t been well run.

They’ll have a vision for everyone, a better Ireland a fairer one.


One thought on “Land, ho!

  1. This is an interesting snippet. I recall that emigration songs are commonly first-person; the one that sticks in my mind as being third-person (like this poem) is ‘Thousands Are Sailing’ (not the song of that title by the Pogues but rather the one brought to renown by Planxty – here’s Barbara Dickinson’s version:

    Marie Marshall

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