Enda Kenny – Pleaser of all Bureaucracies

Last week While Enda Kenny was at the World Economic Forum in Davos he made remarks that upset the nation or at least those who care. 

His comments were ‘The country’s financial crisis happened because “people went mad borrowing”.

I’m not going to do what all media have done and compare and contrast those comments with his address to the nation before December’s budget but I will comment on why I think he done it and how he has failed to stand up for Irish people who are having a personal crisis with over 450,000 people unemployed, no jobs creation plan, the slashing of public sector jobs which will cripple our already under stress services (Health, Education) large emigration and the belief people emigrate as a lifestyle choice and not our of necessity.

I believe Enda Kenny made those comments to please his Audience and/or those listening in i.e. ECB/IMF. He seems to have a different comment for the same situation depending on who his audience is. This is unacceptable, The reason for this mess we are in should be made known and accepted by all.

“What happens when you put Builders, Bankers, Developers and Politicians into the one pot? you get a financial crises”.

Enda Kenny is not a leader, he is a glorified cleaner who is using a rake to clean the floor, Scrapping up every last piece.

The anger of the people should be heard and seeing. Eamon Dunphy was Right when he said on the Late Late  Show that if he was a twenty-one year old lad he would leave this ‘dump’. It is a Dump, the future is there but it is bleak for a 21-year-old lad and even for children and older people.

How can we be proud of what we have ?

We don’t have a sovereign state we have a supervised nation where we recommend things but at the end of the day it is external, non-elected people who decide for us. This is not what I want and I’m sure it’s not what the men and women of 1916 wanted.


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