Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

Identity has been misconstrued. It has been done so by internal and especially external  forces. I believe we are now at a point were we need to start a discussion around what identity is and who defines it. We need to brush off these ‘forced upon labels’ and take ownership of the labels that we are or will become.

We must remember that we are not one label, we are many things and it is these things that make us unique and who we become.

Find and hold on to the labels that are you! The one’s that bring confidence and not ridicule or inequality.


2 thoughts on “Identity

  1. You and your identity!
    Most philosophies / schools of thought say ‘know thyself’
    but as I get older I feel it is more natural to to wonder how
    I might ‘forget myself’

    1. This ‘thing’ Identity is rather about self identification.

      Been able to choose who or what you are. Not been labelled by someone or something based on location (where you are from or live), your accent or even based on the clothes that you wear.

      I think it’s a very important to raise this in whatever way possible.


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