Capitalmas – The hijacking of holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, a time to give or a time for family to gather you have probably noticed that it has been hi-jacked by capitalism.

The Christmas holidays no longer have a common value, it is all about buying, giving and the receiving of materialistic items. A time when people over spend, go into debt and consume consume consume, All in the name of religion or true values.

I am not a religious person by any means but I am one who thinks that Christmas should be a time for family, reflection and relaxation.

We need to stop the commercialization of holidays. If we continue the way we are then we are giving capitalism a reason and the means to survive why we leave people without any means of survival.

The commercialization of the holidays started from the birth of Jesus when the three kings brought gifts. The three kings must be the creators of true commercialization.

Celebrate that which should be celebrated.

J Myers

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