I just watched the movie 2012… It left me thinking if such event will occur and if so have we anything ready to deal with what could be a catastrophic world-changing disaster.

Are these boats being built? who will be left out? will money buy you a ticket? many more questions to ask.

I’m not a believer in an all-powerful god but if there were such a god one could only ask him/her to spare us. Have we not suffered enough or is it we have not suffered at all in the eyes of this god. What creator would put his ‘project’ his ‘completion’ at such risk to be destroyed and for people to lose faith. If I was a believer like many I know I would put all faith in this god and pray to whoever it may be to stop this form happening.

Like I said, I am not a believer therefore I believe in what ever science says. If we are to be doomed then maybe the pressure of preserving humanity falls on ourselves.  We are the creators of our lives so maybe we should create a future, one to be proud of, one of equality and fairness to all whom live there.

Live throws many curve balls but once in a while we will hit for the home run.