Europe and Capitalism

Europe struggles to save capitalism while our most vulnerable suffer.

Over the last few months European leaders have met to try once and for all to save European capitalism. While many nations in Europe introduce austere budgets, leaders within Europe increased the EFSF (European Financial Stability Fund) to safeguard countries from a default and to provide access to funds when they can no longer go to the markets.

This may be necessary if we are to halt a total collapse of the euro currency. But we cannot offer a band-aid while injuring the patient simultaneously. The patient being the economy.

Governments need to put in place factors that allow the economy to grow. If our economy grows that will cut the deficit. People can go to work, pay taxes, dispose of their income in the real economy. The approach the Irish government has taken is the wrong one. They are hitting our most vulnerable people by cutting social assistance payments be it the disability payment or the single parents.

They have shown no sign of an alternative way to that of our last finna fail led government.

At the start of the year we voted for an alternative and we get this. Demand that your representative in government stands up for you.


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