Ireland today and tomorrow.

We live in a tough time, where our most vulnerable are targeted and pushed even deeper into the trap of poverty and long term suffering. Where been disabled, a student, young, poor or even a single parent can make YOU a target to burden the losses of gamblers and criminals.

It is a shame that the welfare of the people is not taken into account when it comes to dealing with the finances of our country.

“When the welfare is second to that of greed then those in power have lost all moral leadership”

It is also a complete tragedy when the sovereignty of our nation is handed to those in Europe and beyond. The people who laid their life down for the freedom of Ireland are turning in their grave. Especially that of James Connolly when he see’s Labour propping up Fine Gael and standing behind such budgets such as the budget of 2011 and possibly more budgets in the future.

We need a party of the people, for the people, accountable to the people and steered by the people. A party that represents all people be them employed, unemployed, public, private, disabled, young, old, male, female or LGBTQ. All should be included in the policies of a party or even be given the opportunity to do so.  Michael D Higgins or present president talks about inclusion in society; I do wonder what his thoughts on the budget are. Does he agree with the steps his former party have taken? Will he speak out for the people and influence those in power for the good of the people.

Real visible, physical change is needed and not just nice rhetoric. Change in attitudes, values and of how we see ourselves.

Education is a must and to cut its funding is one of short sight and incompetence. The resignation of Ruairi Quinn should be south from all in the education sector especially those who he made a written promise to. We cannot create a better future if our youth are not educated or given a fair chance to education.

True seeds of leadership need to be sown today to lead tomorrow.

Do not hold your breath but hold on to hope.


Jonathan Myers.

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