Saving Capitalism – Reversing Progress.

Ireland’s elected representatives past and present have contributed to the reversing of social progress. They have pushed and continue to push thousands of people into poverty and they push people to depression by not assuring them that they have a hopeful future.

We have payed Billions of Euro to bail out the banks, Developers and so on. We have and will continue to pay unguaranteed debt. While many people struggle to pay their household debt like their mortgages. college fees and so on. Tax increases, cuts in capital spending, social welfare, special needs, health and education. We have reversed any progress that was made over the last 15 or so years.

The Irish Government have taken billions from the Irish economy from taxes to cuts while at the same time they call for growth. They say that growth is our way out and exports will pull the Irish economy forward pending the global situation. I don’t believe it takes an expert to know that for growth to occur you cannot tax people and leave them with a small amount of money to spend in the economy.

‘Leave people with a disposable income so they can purchase goods, avail of services and help the economy to heal’

The only good thing is that some prices on goods and services have come back to a price that reflects societies situation.


Bailout the people

They are the real sustainable economy.




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