Happiness -v- Survival

No longer does the vast majority of people aim to be happy. This in my opinion is due to the need to survive. That’s because of the illusion (money is happiness) we created and continue to inflate even more. It’s not happiness we aim for but survival, even if it means we put our happiness at risk. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it allows you to buy the tools you need to survive (food and water, a home, clothes, social inclusion, education, health and so on).

As you read this you are probably disagreeing, but you have to think about it. You work how many hours to make how much money to pay how many bills …??? All for what ? to survive. You need a roof over your head, you need food in you stomach, warmth on cold nights and lights on dark nights. All made necessary in this illusion.

What can you do to be happy ?

Well I don’t have all the answers of course but you could start with doing a job you actually like and have a passion for it that could bring happiness while working. Don’t live your life to someone else’s rules but live it the way that makes you happy, just because you are in the confines of society it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.

Life long and Prosper. (No I am not a fan of star trek)

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