A new -ism

Do we need a new -ism?

It seems, no it is obvious that the -ism’s we have like capitalism, liberalism, communism just do not work or have been tested in a way that they are to fail so one triumphs above another.  We need Fair-ism, equalit-ism, accountabilit-ism and so on. This -ism will serve the people first like it should have from its beginning.

Privately owned production driven by profit-making reinforced by over consumption is no longer and was never a viable way to build a society upon. As I have said before, there is nothing wrong with profit but rather the way in which it is obtained and the way in which it is used. If it is for private use for luxurious goods I disagree. If it is for the betterment of society (education, health, people etc) then this I agree. If it obtained by fair paid workers, in a vulnerable country not tied down by agreements from International aid/funding, by fair production and not the exploitation of the people and their natural resources then I would agree with this profit-making but not profit driven.

But given the chance? would people consume more or less if the opportunity of more money ? Is it money that is the problem or is it the individual ? tradition ? community ? country etc ?

Does our mentality play a part it in ? I want this, I want that but what do we need ?

To be included fully into today’s society one need some form of modern communication like (a mobile phone, a Facebook account, a laptop) they would also need disposable income to participate in many things that people do nowadays. Be it public transport, personal transport, entertainment venues and so on. We have put in place a societal structure that props up our capitalist market…. Buy Buy Buy, Pay Pay Pay, Buy more pay more and so on so forth.


– J.Myers –

2 thoughts on “A new -ism

  1. The basic aim for the people in life is to be happy. We think that if we had enough money we would achieve this goal. In reality, western society is becoming more and more rich, but the level of the depression only increased (scientifically proven) Still, we are seeking the money even if it doesn’t meets our expectations..

    1. That’s because of the illusion we created and continue to inflate even more. Its not happiness we aim for but survival, even if it means we put our happiness at risk. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it allows you to buy the tools you need to survive (food and water, a home, clothes, social inclusion, education, health and so on).

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