You me and Paris

The time I have spent in Pairs.

Paris is a nice city with nice buildings and public spaces. Also I have come to notice that you can relax with a beer or wine along the river, in a park or similar places. This comes as a surprise to me because if you where to do this in Dublin there would be a high percentage chance that you would get approached by the gardai (Police). This obviously depends on what neighbourhood you are in and some other factors or for another reason it’s socially accepted in France as in Ireland people drink on the streets to get drunk from those I have seen or know. Anyhow continuing on, the first few days we had done the whole tourist thing (museums, The Eiffel tower and so on) with the introduction to nice wine (Mainly a minority) and some French ignorance. On the first day (the 2nd of October) I also had the pleasure of the tourist experience, by that I do mean of course getting lost in Paris and spending two hours trying to find the hotel (the joys of not speaking french). All of This summed up leads me with the knowledge that I have been to better cities but who can complain, It has its own attraction that some other cities lack.

Would I come back to Paris? Yes, I would come back but I would come back to work and not really to tour but I would tour while working I suppose. The only thing I have left to do before I go home is to visit the louvre. Well maybe a few more things just to say ‘I was there’.

To be continued…….

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