Profits, People and Ecology

Why is everything intertwined ?

I was having a debate on ecology and I was mentioning, that if we boycott a company that produces products that cause damage to the ozone layer it could change their way of working or it could change the life of the employees. The lack of profits due to a huge boycott could lead to the laying off of employees and to massive social problems.

There are enough problems without adding more!

Modern day trade, economics and society have been designed in such a way that if we wish to change one of them then the whole system can be affected. This in my opinion was an act of purpose so that big business sits on top of big society. Like a pyramid – Profit – People then the earth.

It is obvious that if we do not design a system of fairness, be it for people or use of natural resources then what we have or will have will be destroyed by us! Our way of life is now on the balance of whats right and what is wanted rather than needed.

We need a balance.

We need a future

We need thinkers and doers.

Yesterday has gone, today is today but tomorrow is there for change.

Our eco system is so fragile that we wouldn’t even put it on a RyanAir flight (personal experience) from Dublin to London because by the time it would arrive it would be destroyed.

I’m not telling people to change their lives but at least think twice before you buy an unnecessary product. unnecessary driving, use of power and so on.

Be considerate!!!

2 thoughts on “Profits, People and Ecology

  1. Jono

    If everything is interrelated and interdependent – surely it does not require a questioning – it just is. If we rest with this then what is wise / necessary by way of response may become apparent. How to acknowledge properly, respectfully as a daily conscious practice would seem to be the real question

    1. yeah but I’m not questioning rather making others aware. Economic policy, foreign policy, Political parties, families, education, values and beliefs and are all connected. one influences the other.
      A good public art piece would be to show how all are connected with each other.. tug one string and they all tighten up…..Some of these strings need to be untangled so some pillars of society can operate freely and in the best interest of the people and not for profit or politics etc etc..
      This is off my personal belief.

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