Democracy, Capitalism and Community

why is it that ‘Democracy’ as defined today can only exist alongside a capitalist society ?

Is it impossible to create a more liberal and equal society were participation is one of priority and not of self-serving needs, one based on a communal? where communities are represented, heard and understood. This ‘self serving’ involvement that we have even whilst in the grip of recession is unjust and not needed. Individualism can no longer thrive in this society, we must wipe out greed and put forward an agenda that serves everyone nationally and internationally, not just those who have a hold on power and are seeing or even considered ‘untouchable’.

Capitalism should not be allowed to fund social projects that exist because of their profit seeking agenda and continuous marginalization of societies vulnerable. These projects should be government-funded and the way to do this is to increase the taxes of these corporations, Yes! they may decide to pack up and move east for cheap labor but then there should be a globally agreed and regulated corporation tax.This means that business will settle in countries that have great communications a well working transport system and an educated work force.

“A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbour’s”

Due to this profiteering people around the world are dying, be it starvation in Africa, An invasion of nations based on personal agendas or local poverty.

We must do better if we ‘human kind’ wish to continue living far beyond tomorrow.

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