Societal Road

It becomes ever so noticeable as the years and people I know go by. That society and all of its mechanics have been constructed by a certain type of people for a certain type of people. It was made in a way for some people to fail. It can start with the area in which you are born into, what school you are sent to, the friends that you make, possible criminal records or even the family name that you are given. All and many more of these things can determine whether you ‘fit’ onto the already constructed societal road.

This road was and is continuously funded by the upper classes; they build the e-flow while others have to stop at barriers while they are on their journey.If you hit a small bump on the smoothly paved societal road you could miss your chance to progress in this world.

While some may take this as a challenge others will fall to the way side and will eventually become marginalised from the progressive world. They then become frowned upon by society and labelled indefinitely. Be it uneducated, unqualified, unemployed and so on.

We have to put in place structures that allow marginalised people to rejoin progressive society and to exceed to their highest potential. For this to happen we need more young people who are socially engaged and looking to make aware the necessary changes to those who can implement these ideas. No longer can we continue this way, since this recession started in 2008 we have been thought a tough lesson, not to take wealth as an indispensible thing but rather use it when we have it to make society fairer for everyone. Implement social change, better health care, multicultural education, better educational and employment opportunities for everyone.

There is no perfect society, it will never cater for everyone’s needs and there will be someone who will disagree with the way it is structured, but we can try. Let us remember screw the kids of today and they will decide the rest of our future tomorrow.

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